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March 2024 Dual Presidential Primary 

Unofficial Results

Official Results will be available after the completion of all certification processes by both the PWC and Virginia State Electoral Boards next week. 

Vote In Person

  • Find your Polling Place – You must vote at your assigned location on Election Day.  You can look it up online.  Early voting locations are not polling places on Election Day.

  • Make sure to bring an acceptable ID.

  • You will be asked to state which party primary you want to vote in. You can vote in either race you like, but you cannot vote in both. Review Sample Ballots at the links to the right.

  • If you missed the deadline to complete or update your registration, you can register and vote on Election Day using Same Day Registration

Return a Mail Ballot


  • Return your mail ballot in person by 7:00 pm on Election Day.  All 103 polling locations and the Main Office have drop boxes you may use. You do not need to wait in line if dropping off a mail ballot.

  • Return your mail ballot in the mail (or commercial service) postmarked no later than March 5th.  It must be delivered to our office by 12:00 pm on Friday, March 8.

  • If you wish to cast a vote in person, bring your mail ballot with you to surrender at your ASSIGNED polling location.  If you do not have your mail ballot to surrender, you can vote provisionally.

What We Do

The Office of Elections conducts elections for eligible voters in Prince William County. We are responsible for registering voters, mailing ballots to voters who request them, conducting in person voting, and training election officers to assist voters at the polls. To make that happen, our staff adheres to more than 400 pages of Virginia Code and works with more than 1,000 members of your community. We work to ensure that elections are fair, safe, and accurate.


Our work is overseen by the PWC Electoral Board, a 3-member board compromised of members from both political parties. The Board is responsible for hiring the General Registrar, appointing election officers, certifying elections, and other various duties. They meet routinely and meetings are posted on the website and open to the public.

Prince William County’s Office of Elections is seeking a way for voters to showcase county pride with our 2024 “I Voted” Sticker Design Contest!

The contest is open to all Prince William County residents, regardless of registration status.


Submissions open
Feb. 5 -  March 15, 2024.

X-Square (1) copy_edited.jpg

2024 Voting Sticker Design Contest


Your Elections,


The Office of Elections utilizes many layers of security and exercises diligence in assuring each election is accurate and fair.


View the primers on our Election Security page to learn more about how elections are secured in Prince William County.

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