The hours are long, the pay is low, but your contribution to democracy is enormous!

Prince William County needs as many as 1200 dependable and committed citizens to serve as election officers in its 93 precincts for each General Election. If you are interested in becoming an Election Officer, please complete the online application.


  • Must be a registered voter of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • Cannot hold elected office or be the employee of an elected official.

  • Must enjoy meeting people and serving the public.

  • Must be able to take direction, pay attention to detail, and not be easily distracted.

  • Must be able to sit and/or stand for long periods of time.

  • Must be able to lift 40 pounds.

  • Must be available to work the entire day on Election Day.


Election Day Responsibilities

Election Officers are required to...

  • Arrive at the polling place not later than 5:00 AM on Election Day.

  • Set up voting equipment and prepare the polling place for voting.

  • Look up voters by checking names on the Electronic Pollbook.

  • Admit voters to voting machines.

  • Tally results.

  • Secure voting machines and Electronic Pollbooks.

  • Close the polling place at 7:00 PM and remain until all closing duties have been completed.

Stand-by Officers may be assigned to select precincts, able to be redirected to another precinct to fill in for Officers who cannot serve on short notice.



Election Officers (EO) are required to attend training prior to serving in their first election. Classes lasting about three hours are held at different locations in the County in advance of each General, Special or Primary election. Class schedules are included in Election Officer Assignment Letters which are emailed to EOs prior to each election.

Chief and Assistant Chief Officers are required to attend a training class prior to each election in which they serve. In addition, the Chief Officer is responsible for picking up and returning materials to the Office of Elections.

Specialized training is provided as needed for Electronic Pollbook (EPB) specialists and Voting Machine (VM) specialists.

Optional "Summer Seminars" may also be offered on selected topics.  

**** Visit our Online Training Site ****

Where will I be working?

Whenever possible Election Officers are assigned to their "home" precinct (the polling place where they vote). However, if there are no vacancies at the home precinct, a nearby precinct may be assigned.


How do I vote if I’m not working at my “home” precinct?

All Election Officers are eligible to vote by Absentee Ballot, whether assigned to their home precinct or not. Officers may request an absentee ballot be mailed to their home or take advantage of In-Person Absentee Voting and vote before Election Day. 


When will I be paid?

Payments are issued by the Department of Finance within approximately four weeks after each election. Payments include the stipend for Election Day service and any training classes attended. Chief Election Officers are also compensated for the time and travel required to pick up and drop off election materials.

How much will I be paid?

Election Officers receive a stipend of $150.00 for working a full Election Day. Experienced Officers selected to serve as an Assistant Chief Officer or Chief Officer will receive $175.00 or $225.00, respectively.  All officers receive $15.00 for each training class they attend. 

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