Voting on Election Day

Virginia law requires all voters to provide an acceptable form of identification at the polls. The ID no longer must have a photograph. A list of acceptable IDs can be found here. Voters arriving to the polls without a suitable ID will be required to either sign an ID Confirmation Statement or vote a provisional ballot. If voting provisionally, the voter will have until noon on the Friday after the election to deliver a copy of identification to their locality’s electoral board in order for their provisional ballot to be counted. Please see below in “Provisional Ballot Process for Voters Who Arrive Without Identification” for more information on how the provisional ballot process will work for those arriving to the polls without ID.


Election Day Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What time do the polls open/close?
A. Polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. on Election Day.

Q. What is an “acceptable”  id?
A. Click here for the complete list of acceptable IDs.

Q. What type of voting equipment do we use?
A. In 2016 all Prince William County voters will vote on new voting equipment with paper Ballots. Voters will mark their votes on a paper Ballot, then Scan their Ballot into the new voting equipment.  Prince William County currently uses the Verity Voting System produced by HART Intercivic Corporation. Click here for more information.


Provisional Ballot Process for Voters Who Arrive Without Identification

A voter who arrives at the polling place without an acceptable form of  identification, and will not sign a statement verifying their identity, will be given the opportunity to vote a provisional ballot. After completing the provisional ballot, the individual voting will be given written instructions from the election officials on how to submit a copy of his/her identification so that his/her vote can be counted.

A voter will have until noon on the Friday following the election to deliver a copy of the identification to the local electoral board. Voters may submit a copy of their ID via fax, email, in-person submission, or through USPS or commercial delivery service. Please note that the copy of the ID must be delivered to the electoral board by noon on Friday, or the provisional ballot cannot be counted. A Friday postmark will not be sufficient if the copy of the ID is not delivered to the electoral board by noon on Friday.

The written notice given to the voter will provide the necessary information, including email, fax, and address of where the ID should be delivered.

Also by noon on Friday following the election, the voter may appear in-person in the office of the general registrar, in the locality in which the provisional ballot was cast, and apply for a Virginia Voter Photo ID Card. At the completion of the application process, the voter may request a Temporary Identification Document. This document may be provided to the electoral board to suffice the identification requirement.