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On The Ballot: November 2023

State Candidates

The Virginia Board of Elections will post candidate lists on its website the week of July 17th. The list will be updated after the August 18th special election candidate filing deadline and again once ballot proofing is completed.

Local Candidates

Board of Supervisors - Chair

Jeanine M. Lawson
Deshundra L. Jefferson 


Board Of Supervisors - Brentsville

Thomas T. "Tom" Gordy 

Jim R. Gehlsen 

Board Of Supervisors - Coles

Yesli I. Vega

Idris A. Jibowu-O'Connor 

Board Of Supervisors - Gainesville

Robert B. "Bob" Weir 

Board Of Supervisors - Neabsco

Victor S. Angry

Board Of Supervisors - Occoquan

Karla A. Justice

Kenny Allen Boddye 


Board Of Supervisors - Potomac

Verndell Charlotte Robinson
Andrea O. Bailey

Board Of Supervisors - Woodbridge

Jeannie M. LaCroix 

Margaret Angela Franklin

Clerk Of Court

Jacqueline C. Smith

Hina Ansari


Commonwealth's Attorney

Matthew B. "Matt" Lowery 

Amy K. Ashworth


Glen Hill 

Joshua Lavon King 

School Board - Chair

Babur B. Lateef 

Kimberly B. Mehlman-Orozco 

Caroline M. "Carrie" Rist 


School Board - Brentsville

Adele E. Jackson

Erica C. Tredinnick

Yesenia Lassiter

School Board  - Coles

Lisa A. Zargarpur

Stephen D. Spiker

School Board  - Gainesville

Jennifer T. Wall 

School Board  - Neabsco

Padreus D. Pratter

Tracy L. Blake 

Michael C. Petko 

School Board  - Occoquan

R. M. Jessie, Jr. 

Ryan Wilson Kirkpatrick


School Board  - Potomac

Justin D. Wilk 

Mario R. Beckles

School Board  - Woodbridge

Jaylen K. Custis 

Shantell E. Rock 

Loree Y. Williams 

Soil And Water Conservation Directors

Jennifer S. Reed 

Levon J. Simpson 

Mansimran Singh Kahlon

Mary Lynn Jerrell 

Nancy J. Vehrs

SPECIAL | Town Council Member, Quantico

Brandi M. Maly

S. "Steve" Kang

SPECIAL | Town Council Member, Haymarket

Alexander M. Beyene

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