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Update Your Registration Online

The Virginia State Board of Elections website makes it possible to update your registration name and/or address online. To do so, simply visit the Citizen Portal of the State Department of Elections.

Cancel Voter Registration

To Cancel your Voter Registration Print and submit this form. (Español)
PLEASE NOTE: Submission of this form will remove you from the Virginia voter registration records. Understand that you will no longer be eligible to vote in the Commonwealth of Virginia unless you reapply for registration.

Update Your Registration in Person

You can also update your registration name and/or address in person by visiting our office. We are located at:

Prince William County Office of Elections

9250 Lee Ave Suite 1
Manassas VA 20110

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Need help?

Give our office a call at 703-792-6470 for assistance.  We have staff ready and willing to answer your questions!

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