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February Electoral Board Meeting: Tuesday, February 6th, 2024 - 10:00 AM | Notice



Electoral Board Meetings - Meetings of the Prince William County Electoral Board are open to all members of the public.  Public comments are allowed at the end of the meeting for all who appear in person and sign up.   Public notices for these meeting appear on this page and at our office.

Polling Places and Early Voting Sites - Poll watchers are authorized representatives of a party or candidate allowed inside the polling place on Election Day or at an early voting location.  A poll watcher must present the Chief Officer of Election with an authorization form or letter signed by the party chair or candidate. 

Pre-Processing/Central Absentee Precinct – The processing of absentee ballots can be observed by an authorized representatives of a party or candidate who presents an authorization form or letter signed by the party chair or candidate.


Post-Election Canvass – Canvass is the process of reviewing, confirming, and recording the official local results of each election. This is performed by election officers and the session is open to the public (based on space availability).  The provisional hearing portion performed by the Electoral Board is a closed session and not open to the public.  Provisional adjudication is performed by the Board and can be observed by authorized representatives of a party or campaign.



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Bulletin (1/26/23)2022 Year End Review

Press Release May 26, 2023:  Reappointment of General Registrar Eric Olsen

Press Release: Statement on October's Misinformed 3rd Party Voter Information Flyer

PWC Office of Elections Releases Reporting Data in Michele White Election Trial (1/11/2024)

Press Release: Prince William County Office of Elections Announces 2024 Voting Sticker Design Contest (2/2/24)

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