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Primary Election: Need to Know

Special considerations before the June 18th Dual Primary

The March Presidential Primary is a Dual Primary. Virginia doesn't have party registration. Voters can vote in either primary they choose, but cannot vote one of each.
Upon check-in at a polling place, or applying for a mail ballot, voters will be asked to identify which party primary they would like to vote in (Democratic or Republican). It does not matter which previous party primaries they may have participated in. This is NOT asking to reveal their party affiliation, but simply which ballot they would like to receive in the moment for THIS election.

Voting In Person
  • Voters are required to show a valid ID or fill out the Voter ID Confirmation statement to put a ballot into the machines. All others will be offered to vote provisionally.

  • Per VA Law, physical Early Voting locations are open for the 45 days prior to Election Day. Visit for hours and addresses. Voters can go to any Early Voting Location regardless of their assigned home precinct. 

Election Day
  • Redistricting happened in 2022, so voters should make sure to check their assigned polling place if voting on Election Day. Early voters can go to any Early Voting location during the Early Voting period. 

  • In PWC, our office is NOT a polling location on Election Day!

Voting By Mail

  • Mail ballot tracking is new/improved from 2020. Voters can sign up online.

  • The ballot return envelope and required Mail Voter ID information has changed. Instead of a witness signature, voters now must provide their own year of birth and the last four digits of their own social security number. Be sure to read and fill out the required info carefully.

Ensuring Accessible Elections​

  • Sample Ballots are available online for voters to view and research ahead of their arrival to the polling place. Voters are permitted to bring phones into the voting booth to research as much as they need to make a decision they are happy with.

  • Mail Voting is always an option and is highly encouraged for anyone who does not want to travel to a physical polling location. It is highly recommended for voters with limited mobility, who may be sick or immunocompromised, and also an excellent option given that this is the time of year for dangerous driving conditions.

  • Curbside Voting is available at all physical voting location for those who are 65 years and older or disabled. 
    Please note, curbside voting is not the same as Drive Up Voting. Drive up voting was only available in 2020 as a product of social distancing mandates during the Covid-19 lockdowns. 

  • If a voter requires assistance to fill out their ballot (whether for language, literacy, comprehension, etc.), they may have another person, including an Election Officer, help them, but must fill out a Request For Assistance form. These are available in the precinct and are also included in the envelope with your mail ballot. Authorized Representatives, Employers and Union Representatives CANNOT provide assistance. 

  • ADA Touchwriter Machines are available at all in-person voting locations for those who may ned assistance physically marking their ballot choices. 

  • Same Day Registration is available for all individuals voting in person. If you missed the deadline to complete or update your registration, you may register at the polling place and vote provisionally. 

Ensuring Secure Elections​

We prepare for every election with rigorous testing and training. Prior to EVERY election, every single piece of voting equipment is tested for functionality and accuracy, and every single election officer completes a 2 hr. training class to ensure they are up to date on the most recent laws, policies, and processes. For more information, check out our Election Security page at

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