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Below are the original documents including the tally tapes (from the ballot scanner(s)) and hand count forms (used to count any ballots that cannot be scanned) returned from the bipartisan election officer teams at the polling place. They are returned under seal and opened by a review team who verify the precinct results against those reported to the official results on the Virginia Department of Elections website. These documents are then immediately scanned so they are available for public viewing.

Gainesville Special Election

February 21, 2023

Tally Tapes                                              Hand Count Forms

Absentee Mail Voting                             Hand Count

Early Voting                                              (no Hand Count needed)

401 Evergreen                                          Hand Count

402 Gravely                                              Hand Count

403 Bull Run                                             Hand Count

404 Unity Braxton                                   (no Hand Count needed)

405 Ben Lomond                                     Hand Count

406 Alvey                                                   Hand Count

407 Heritage Hunt                                   Hand Count

408 Sudley                                                 Hand Count

409 Tyler                                                    Hand Count

410 Mountain View                                  Hand Count

411 Mullen                                                Hand Count

412 Catharpin                                           Hand Count

413 Reagan                                               Hand Count

414 Seymour
                                             (no Hand Count needed)

Central Absentee - Post Election           Hand Count

Provisional                                                Hand Count

Election Notes

Precincts 402 and 407 used two scanners while the remaining precincts had or used only one.


The original ballots printed for this election were approx. 1/16” inch too wide to fit into the ballot scanners.

As soon as the office was notified, the Chief Officers at each precinct and our office staff at the main office adjusted and pivoted to reprint correctly-sized ballots to use for the election.

The few ballots that were unable to scan in the early hours of the day, were securely collected and hand-counted at the end of the night as part of final reporting procedures. Most precincts only received 2-5 of these before the replacement ballots were printed and delivered. Some received none.


For those precincts that conducted hand counts, you can find the supplemental hand count forms in the "Hand Count Forms" column.

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