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2023/24 Election Officer Training Documents


NEW PWC Election Officer Training Manual

The updated 2023/2024 training manual is our Election Day guide for all election officers. Checklists and step-by-step instructions provide a comprehensive overview of all the steps to open, operate, and close the polling place to assist voters.  All Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs, and Equipment & Provisional Specialists will receive a hard copy when they attend their Leadership Certification Training.  All other officers will receive their copy in the mail by the start of October.


2023 General Election Training Materials

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Training slides and class materials will be coming soon!

To view a PDF copy of the 2023/2024 PWC Election Officer Training Manual click here.

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Election Officer Video Training Library

Virginia Dept. of Elections| Election Officer Training 

[Archive] 2022/23 Election Officer Training Documents

Election Officer Training Slides: June 2023 Dual Primary

Election Officers

Chiefs and Equipment Specialists

PollTab Walk-Through


To view a PDF copy of the 2022/2023 PWC Election Officer Training Manual click here.

Updates to the training manual can be found here.

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